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The Full Story


When you have the key to open the doors of music,

you have opened the doors of heaven also.



The Essentials...

A music major in college, I received my B.A. in Piano & Music History from the University of Minnesota School of Music, under the mentorship of the late Duncan McNab. Significant injury sidelined my erstwhile life and cause me

to walk down new paths. I thus earned

my M.A. in Feminist Theological Studies from

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Five children and vocational delights in cooperative management, medicinal herbalism, energy healing, writing/editing and whole foods catering later, I moved from Minneapolis to Whidbey Island, Washington where--miracle of miracles!--music was restored. Since about 2011 I have been regularly performing all kinds of music in the greater Seattle area, blessed to play with the most amazing musicians and spending my days primarily at one keyboard or another--be that the piano, the organ, or the harpsichord!

Music is my Mission

After silence, that which comes nearest

to expressing the inexpressible is music.

                                       ~Aldous Huxley

Whether on stage, in rehearsal, in the teaching studio or in the privacy of my own musical explorations my aim is twofold:

To liberate Music from within the self, 

& to liberate the Self through Music.

The refining of technique, for example, is not its own end but, rather, a means to lean in as fully as possible to the truth inherent in the music. 

Through deep listening and discernment, 

& through our good work at our instruments we can be in service to music, to each other, and to the expansion of our own consciousness.

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