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We Are Luminous

My debut solo album of piano improvisations is out NOW!

We Are Luminous is available now on multiple streaming platforms.


We Are Luminous

about this project//

We Are Luminous is the culmination of a few years of improvistaional explorations. I began my improvisational life as a 10-year-old when studying pipe organ. My piano & organ teacher taught me to improvise hymnody settings, both to learn the ins and outs of chorale form, but to make hymn-singing in the church more interesting. Though I have often in my life sat down to play what comes to mind, its wasn't until the Pandemic--when all my concerts were cancelled--that I started in earnest to explore the music wanting expressiong from within my own heart/soul/psyche. Finally, after several signs pointing in this direction, I recorded We Are Luminous in one sitting with sound engineer David Maloney (Pop's Bongo Studio) in April of 2024 on the new Steinway B

at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts.

This project-of-the-heart releases July 17th, 2024 on all streaming platforms. Find links here on my HearNow page to streaming services. Check back from time to time to that page as new links will be added. 

CDs available for now ~ Contact me directly for details. 


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